Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gay and Lesbian Trail @ Penang

Yep,there is a gay and lesbian guide to Penang.
Complete with listings of gay run or gay friendly establishments,pick up points,spots etc.
Everywhere you turn,there's another couple hand in hand.

Penang is just so gay n les,we straights are beginning to feel a little bit odd.
They're all over the place and they're certainly not shy about their sexuality and not in the least hiding at all,I tell you,no matter how many raids have supposedly caused them to go underground.
It hasn't.
They're on tour,staying two doors down,dining with their partners,next to you at the traffic lights,serving you fried chicken while checking you out.

Look,I don't wanna jabber on and on .
Am posting this up so that you don't end up passing the wrong message to the same sex across your table,at a rocky beach,in the complex,at the pool etc etc.Like what happened to me, when my antenna swung the wrong signal in the direction of a tomboy,drawing unwanted clothes piercing attention while waiting for my order to arrive at Nando's in Gurney.Had to keep my eyes peeled on my chicken for the entire duration to ensure she understood that I wasn't interested .

You might want to keep tabs on this list,so that your children don't get mistakenly identified by predators as the new blood,unless of made the mistake of herding them into Chung Ling or PCGHS,two reputed hotbed breeding grounds for unleashing the next wave of urm fresh cattle upon us =__=

Jack and Jill hiked up Penang Hill,
each searching for a partner,
Jack got down on John  ,
as Jill came,romping with Esther.

Reference :
Here are the excerpts taken from those sites.


  • Perut Rumah .Gay-owned and specializing in nyonya baba specialties
  • Mews Kafe.Gay and Lesbian generally busy with in-the-know locals who appreciate the freshly homemade faire, including daily specials.
  • Suffolk House,Jln Air Itam.Waiters are gay friendly
  • Northam Beach CafĂ© .Near Gurney Dr. Reported to have gay customers week nights after 7pm. Good food, clean facilities.
  • Gurney Plaza Starbucks


  • Bagan Lounge(used to be the only gay bar) has now closed down.New bar opening soon probably in Macalister Road.Same owner runs Thirty Two at the Mansion
  • Nine Krub Cafe Nagore Road.Friendly gay crowd
  • Boom Boom,next to Segafredo.Sat nights gays gather upstairs. Young, Chinese crowd.
  • 69 Mansion Club,next to Holiday Inn.Busy from Thu-Sat.Some transgender and gay guys

  • Campbell House , Lebuh Campbell - gay friendly
  • Gurney Park Condominium , Jalan Kelawei -gay friendly
  • Baan Talay Homestay , Tg Tokong - gay friendly
  • Noble Villa Apartment , Jalan Macalister - gay friendly
  • Palanquinn Heritage Suites , Bangkok Lane - gay friendly
  • Straits Collection Hotel , Stewart Lane - gay friendly
  • Clove Hall , Jalan Clove Hall - gay friendly
  • Muntri Mews , Lebuh Muntri - gay friendly
  • Mango Tree Place , Jalan Phuah Hin Leong - gay friendly

Meeting Places/Hunting Spots
  • The small trail off the road, just past the Moon Gate as you head towards the Botanical Gardens. Popular with joggers in the daytime. You'll need to walk thru the bushes to discover this place with lot of activity, especially weekends (early morning 6-7am to late night past 11pm) and weekdays (after 5pm till midnight). Lots of joggers and hikers. Beware of decoys. At your own risk (take along a local friend if you can).
  • Gurney Plaza.G/F facilities can be crowded on weekends.
  • Batu Feringhi beach area near the international hotels.
  • The beach at the back of Ship restaurant is very cruisy after 4pm most days. Always good looking guys there. Lots of caucasians.
  • Tanjung Bunga beach, between Paradise Hotel/International School and at the rocks at the end. Especially afternoons and early evenings.
  • Teluk Bahang beach.In front of closed hotel.Few PLUs at very quiet beach.
  • Penang Youth Park.Facilities near the shop and area behind shops with tables to play checkers. Afternoons from 2-5pm.
  • Komtar Shopping Mall, 2/F and up facilities.
  • Midlands Park shopping center (formerly called, and still known as, One-Stop), including G/F and 2/F facilities. Sit outside at KFC to catch passersby.1/F and 3/F packed with action on Saturday nights
  • Queensbay Shopping Mall.G/F and 2/F and up.
  • Sunshine Farlim.Facilities in the evening.
  • Permata swimming pool at Farlim, Air Hitam. A nice place to meet others, 4pm onwards, especially on Wed and Thu evenings after 7:30pm. Some of the good looking and fit guys don't mind showing off in the shower room
  • Seberang Jaya swimming pool after working hours. There are a number of PLUs in the pool and facilities. Staff who are gay like to check out the scene,too
  • Ampang Jajar Garden near Permatang Pauh, noon-5pm. Young Malay and Chinese guys.
  • Park in Butterworth between the old British Fortress and city hall. After 10pm. At your own risk. Beware hustlers and police decoys.
  • Swimming pool in Seberang Jaya, Butterworth. On Sat and Sun, you can see lots of PLUs (all races) hunting in the facilities.
  • The garden on the hill inside Taman Bukit Indah (beside St. Annes). A nice place to meet at night.
  • Taman Hwa Seng (just opposite Wonderful Mini Market beside Jln Rozhan, around the Alma, Bukit Mertajam area). There is a river beside a playground. You can find the Taman signboard beside the road. Go to the playground to look for the same species, mostly after 8pm. You may find young PLU sitting alone. If you click, just walk down to the quiet river bank.