Friday, March 30, 2012

9-5pm Sex appointments @ Massage,Health and Reflexology Centres in Penang

There is an inactive forum on the web that lists out the names of providers and venues where to get them.
They inform the members how to canvas for sex services from masseurs.
They compare each individuals experience in bed with whichever woman or girl,recommend and beg for numbers of those with satisfaction guaranteed.
What positions they manage to get them in,each girls speciality,every detail in full.

The posts will require you to decipher what abbreviations like BJ,NL,HJ,FJ,AR,PRC mean on the extras menu.

You will be shocked to know that these leeches urge other newcomers to pay not more than $100 lest they spoil the 'market'.
Anything above is too expensive unless the cattle is european.

Well ladies,what's worrying is the manner in which menfolk are sowing their wild oats during working hours or in extreme cases,just before a family gathering.
And how some moan about dirty,paper thin walls on the love brothels and how revolting the stench of the vagina is ,yet it is a hard habit to break no matter how bad the experience.

It could be your husband,boyfriend,neighbour,colleague.

Please take a look and tell me you're not worried you might end up catching something.

Amongst the most notorious venues mentioned in this forum are Waterfall hotel spa, Summit Hotel BM,Paris Hotel,Savoy,Cathay,Malaysia hotel spa,Grand Paradise,Red Rock,Thye Wan,Cititel ,even Deluxcious and a flat in Air Itam as well as Batu Bukit.

Thus,if your man likes to hang out in these places for whatever reason,it's best to leave him to screw himself,his health and his life up.

Here is the 129 page link ..

I am highlighting this because of this report in The Star where the staff of the reflexology centre in Bayan Baru (a shoplot near Queensbay Mall) are up in arms with the cold and heartless owner over unpaid wages,seized passports and insane working conditions.
And he shoots back by insinuating that they are making more money on the side by having their way with the men they are photographed with.
I don't buy his story,after all he did admit to helping her send $60k back ?

Read both and be informed.